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Although I am an avid letter writer (yes, real letters, written with a real fountain pen, and sealed with a real wax seal – I’m old-school like that!), I live a ‘global laptop-lifestyle’, and am likely to be in any one of a variety of countries, so electronic communication is always best.

Responsive support: Just a quick note to let you know that, “We Employ HUMANS.”  

You may not get an instant, in-that-very-second, lightning-fast response the way you would from an automated ‘bot’, but you will receive a reply asap from a real-live PERSON – and often direct from Ms Bella herself.

We believe in providing excellent customer support, and you will receive a ‘real’ reply, from a ‘real’ human, who doesn’t live in a call-center – as soon as we possibly can. 

(Not that there is anything wrong with bots, or call centers for that matter, and we are all for using AI to help in certain circumstances – just that we prefer the personal touch when it comes to providing support)

…and if for any reason the form is not working, please email us:

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Kej Žrtava Racije Street 2a, Suite Number 9, Novi Sad 21100
TAX ID NUMBER:  113928997