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Explore a world of luxury ‘digital nomad’ lifestyle, personal/professional development, and transformative experiences with Ms Bella St John. With decades of expertise, Bella has empowered top entrepreneurs; developed world-class leadership programs; and become a thought leader in AI’s impact on society.

“I can teach anybody how to get what they want out of life. The problem is that I can’t find anybody who can tell me what they want.”

― Mark Twain

What do we do?

In short, address Mark Twain’s quote.  Bella works with a range of individuals and organizations to help them first determine what they really want – which is often very different from what they currently think they want ~ and then guide them along the path to achieving what they want.

True professional SUCCESS today is no longer about doing more, being more, having more, just for the sake or more, more, more.  It is about finding what makes your heart sing, and doing it in a way that makes your bank account happy as well.”

― Ms Bella St John

About Ms Bella St John

Bella is a leading expert in branding, business development, and elite coaching, renowned for her transformative impact on businesses and personal brands worldwide. With over two decades of experience, Bella has built an unparalleled reputation by helping entrepreneurs, executives, and aspiring authors achieve extraordinary success. Bella has crafted and refined the brand identities of numerous high-profile clients, ensuring they stand out in competitive markets. As an executive coach, she has mentored top leaders and entrepreneurs, guiding them to achieve remarkable growth and achievement in their ventures.

Bella’s accomplishments are extensive, including her work as a best-selling author of both fiction and non-fiction, and sought-after product developer. In particular, Bella is a published author on the subject of AI/AGI, and remains a go-to resource at the forefront of AI and digital technology, helping entrepreneurs and organizations leverage these tools for success. Her innovative educational background includes teaching at prestigious institutions like the Mt Eliza Centre for Executive Education, studying Artificial Intelligence for a semester at Stanford ‘for fun’, and pursuing additional open studies at the likes of Harvard, MIT, and UNESCO. Through her elite coaching programs, she continues to empower individuals and organizations to achieve their highest potential – completely redefining the old and outdated notion of success.

Our Services

  • Individual Coaching: Tailored monthly coaching to unlock your potential and achieve sustainable growth.
  • Leadership Development: Cutting-edge think tanks and programs designed to inspire and innovate.
  • Author Coaching: Comprehensive support for writing and self-publishing.
  • AI Consultation: Advice and discussion on the societal and business implications of AI, AGI, and emerging technologies.

Live Elegantly

Bella St John embodies a life of elegance and adventure, traveling the world as a Luxurious Nomad while managing successful ventures. Despite having health and mobility challenges, often needing a wheelchair to get around, Bella’s story is a testament to resilience, lifelong learning, and finding joy in every moment.

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