Branding and Book Creation Bootcamp: Invitation ONLY


What if you could have access to a leading global branding and business development expert to help you:

✨ develop your brand,

develop your logo,

✨ create a webpage for your business,

✨ AND become an AUTHOR by creating an ebook,

all for a fraction of the normal cost,

just because you are part of Diane Lampe’s team?

You Can!  If you are reading this, you have been invited to participate in this INVITATION-ONLY six-week bootcamp where you will learn how to use free and low-cost web applications, as well as AI, to create your business branding, logo, and webpage – as well as become the author of your very own e-book (that we help you create with AI) – all within six weeks!






By the end of this Bootcamp, you will have:

  • A Stunning Business Logo: You will learn how to craft a unique and professional logo that embodies your brand identity
  • A Full Brand Kit: You will have your business identity, colors, slogan, all in place and ready to roll
  • A Beautiful Business Webpage: You will learn how to easily create your own webpage – and know that if you ever decide to change it, you don’t have to go to the time and expense of hiring someone if you don’t want to
  • A Compelling Book Authored by YOU: Together, we will help you use AI to create a captivating ebook of approximately 4000-word books to establish your authority and connect with your audience
  • A Beautiful Book Cover: We will also help you design an eye-catching book cover that stands out and attracts readers

branding and book creation bootcamp

✨ Please note:  This event is strictly limited to a small group to give you the most personalized support possible – but it’s on a first-in basis!

During these six weeks, you will meet with your Bella and other Bootcamp members once per week for an hour on a video meeting, plus you will have email access to Bella if you need additional support.

Who is Ms Bella St John?

Bella is a leading expert in branding, business development, and elite coaching, renowned for her transformative impact on businesses and personal brands worldwide. With over two decades of experience, Bella has built an unparalleled reputation by helping entrepreneurs, executives, and aspiring authors achieve extraordinary success. Bella has crafted and refined the brand identities of numerous high-profile clients, ensuring they stand out in competitive markets. As an executive coach, she has mentored top leaders and entrepreneurs, guiding them to achieve remarkable growth and achievement in their ventures.

Bella’s accomplishments are extensive, including her work as a best-selling author of both fiction and non-fiction, and sought-after product developer. In particular, Bella is a published author on the subject of AI/AGI, and remains a go-to resource at the forefront of AI and digital technology, helping entrepreneurs and organizations leverage these tools for success. Her innovative educational background includes teaching at prestigious institutions like the Mt Eliza Centre for Executive Education and pursuing additional studies at the likes of Harvard, Stanford, and MIT, keeping her at the forefront of business innovation and technology. Through her elite coaching programs, she continues to empower individuals and organizations to achieve their highest potential – completely redefining the old and outdated notion of success.

Why Choose This Bootcamp?

✨ Expert Guidance: Learn from the best.  Ms Bella St John has experienced both ends of the success spectrum – incredible successes and major blows – and is now a respected and sought-after coach and mentor whose guidance is valued at over $15K per month – but you get her included for the duration of this Bootcamp.

✨ Exclusive Access: This bootcamp is by invitation only.

✨ We have made it ridiculously affordable: Normally Bella’s programs almost identical to this are priced at $19,995.  We are offering this transformative Bootcamp for just $4,995. That’s a huge 75% discount.

✨ Payment plan:  …and, for those who cannot afford the already low $4,995 in one go, Bella has agreed to a payment plan over three months (initial $1,995, then two payments of just $1,500 per month).

So, why is Bella offering to do this Bootcamp

– and to make it so affordable?

“Quite simply because Diane asked me to!

I have known and worked with Diane for quite some time – she’s amazing. 

So, when she asked me what thoughts I had for her to be able to provide additional support to some of her team members, I crafted this program to do exactly that – and because it’s for Diane’s team, I said I would do it for a fraction of the normal price of my other similar programs.

This is just one of the benefits you get from being associated with quality high-flyers like Diane – and I don’t say that lightly.  I suggest each of you who wants to be more, and achieve more, seriously considers joining this Bootcamp.

I’ll ask you here a question I ask my clients (and myself) –

“Will your future self thank you for the choices you make (or don’t make) today?” 

Something to consider…”  ~ Bella

What You’ll Get:

Weekly Zoom Sessions: Join live, interactive sessions once a week for 6 weeks, where you’ll receive hands-on training and real-time feedback.

Comprehensive Training: Discover how to use free or inexpensive online tools and AI to create professional-quality business assets.

Supportive Community: Collaborate with other members of the Bootcamp, share insights, and receive ongoing support throughout the bootcamp.

Success Partner: You will partner with one other member of the Bootcamp and it is suggested that the two of you work together when creating your assets, supporting each other along the way.

Bella’s Direct Email Support:  Should you have additional questions etc, Bella will give you her personal email that you are welcome to use throughout the course of this Branding and Book Creation Bootcamp.  (Please note, this service alone is usually valued at $2500/mo – but you get that free as part of this Bootcamp).

Detailed Program Breakdown:

Before we start: Preparation

  • You are given links to access the tools you will need to successfully create everything
  • You are also given basic instructions if you would like to play with them in advance (this is advised)
  • You are also given a Branding Checklist to get you started on thinking about your brand – who you are, what you do, why clients should work with you, and what makes you special and different from everyone else who does what you do

Week 1: Branding Basics

  • Introduction to branding principles
  • Step-by-step logo design using online tools
  • PLUS:  Decide on the topic of your ebook – and we will even create your ebook for you using AI – you just then need to tweak it to make it your own

Week 2: Building Your Webpage

  • Fundamentals of webpage design
  • Step-by-Step instructions for creating your webpage

Week 3: Crafting Your Message

  • Writing compelling copy for your webpage and marketing materials

Week 4: Writing Your Book

  • Developing and creating your ebook using the AI-generated ebook we provide to you (and we will even teach you how to do it yourself if you want to write another one!)
  • Bella’s team will even do a basic formatting of your manuscript for you

Week 5: Designing Your Book Cover

  • Principles of cover design
  • Using tools to create a professional book cover

Week 6: Bringing It All Together

  • Finalizing your projects
  • Discuss strategies and next steps for your business

Important Note:

  • While Bella will step you through how to use AI, free tools, and low-cost tools to create everything – you still need to step up.  She’s not going to do it for you.
  • One of Bella’s strong beliefs is in helping people to be self-sufficient.  That doesn’t just mean from a financial perspective, but also teaching you how to do these things so you can either choose to do them yourself and save the hassle and cost of hiring someone – or if you do choose to hire someone, you at least know what you are talking about, how to give them guidance, and how to know you are getting a good deal.
  • This is the type of program where you get out of it what you put into it.  Having access like this is extremely rare – and almost non-existent at this price.  Make good use of it!


As mentioned above, we have made it ridiculously affordable.

Normally programs almost identical to this are priced at $19,995. 

We are offering this transformative six-week Branding and Book Creation Bootcamp

for just $4,995

That’s a huge 75% discount

Payment plan:  …and, for those who cannot afford the already low $4,995 in one go, Bella has agreed to a payment plan over three months (initial $1,995, then two payments of just $1,500 per month).  Same price, no penalties, no additional fees – and nothing you are missing out on that the people who do pay in full get access to and you don’t – nothing like that.  We’ve all been there at one point or another when there is something we really feel we need to do, but don’t have the cash available to pay in full. 

Don’t let that stop you!  If you need to, take advantage of the payment plan, just let Bella know – that’s what it’s there for.

So, in just six short weeks, you go from having little or no branding, to having a logo, a webpage, and BEING A PUBLISHED AUTHOR!

Yes, it will take a little work on your end (although less than you probably think) – but at some point you will find that not having a solid logo and branding, not having a quality webpage, and not being able to claim the authority that being a published author gives you is actually hurting your business to the point you may even go out of business.

You can choose to take advantage of this amazing offer now, or see what life brings you later – but if experience is any guide, by the time ‘later’ comes around, your only choices may be out of reach.  This type of opportunity may not be available again – just like wanting to watch a game in the original Yankee Stadium – or going to Toys’R’Us in Times Square (that place was so amazing!) – or take a ride on the Concorde – or see a Michael Jackson concert live (not a hologram) – not one of those is possible any more – ‘later’ for those dreams is ‘never’.

OK, so this bootcamp can’t really be compared to a once-in-a-lifetime concert, but how many things in life have you said, “one day” – only to have it turn into “never”..?  Don’t let becoming an author, and building the foundations of a fabulous business, become another ‘never’.

How to Register

  1. Simply send Diane an email to let her know you would like to join the Bootcamp – this applies whether you are paying in full, or need to take advantage of the payment plan
  2. Diane will forward your email to Bella and she will take it from there with regard to payment and providing you with everything you need.